2016 NBPA Top 100

2017 standout Ira Lee (Photo: Maxpreps)

2017 standout Ira Lee
(Photo: Maxpreps)

Written By: Mike Galu

2016 NBPA Top 100 Camp: Held annually at UVa in Charlottesville, this year’s camp was missing many of the top players in the country. Many were at USA Basketball try-outs, some were recovering from injuries, and others simply decided not to attend for their own reasons. This provided an opportunity for the next 75 really good players to get valuable exposure and excellent coaching. All teams ran 3-4 basic offensive sets ( high pick and roll, double high pick, double stack low and a 1-4 flat for end of quarter situations). Practices were broken down into team situations and individual skill development with all drills run at game speed (for the first time, Media were allowed to attend these practices).

Top 50 Regardless of Position (all players are Class of 2017 except where noted)

  1. Zion Williamson (#101) 2018 6-8 PF 230 Spartanburg Day School, Spartanburg, SC
    Most respected player (by his peers) in camp. He combines skill, strength, confidence, and competitiveness not usually seen for a high school player. Impossible to guard with one defender. Range to 3, drives with speed and control, dunks fearlessly, goes to line a lot, has a good touch on free throws and mid range jumpers….I could go on-but I think you get the point.
  1. Charles Bassey (#88) 2019 C/PF 6’ 11” 220 St Anthony Catholic, San Antonio, TX
    This rising Sophomore is a bruising rebounder who scores effectively around the rim. He has amazing speed and regularly would outlet a defensive rebound and then sprint to catch up to the play for dunks or put backs of missed shots. Good form on jump shot and free throws. Will get stronger!!!
  1. Romeo Langford (#104) 2018 6-4 190 SG New Albany High, New Albany, IN
    Romeo jumps as high as he has to, to score in penetration. He can dunk over most defenders or adjust in mid air to get the ball past a bigger defender. Smooth with the ball, very creative driver and passer, has a move and/or shot for any situation. He is also very unselfish thus willing to let his teammates do their thing all the while waiting for his opportunities to gather any misses. Free throw technique reminds me of Oscar Robertson.
  1. Ira Lee (#35) 6-8 228 PF/WF Justin-Siena HS, Los Angeles,CA
    Ira has a complete game. He scores at will with range to 3, mid range jumpers, drives to the basket with either hand, pull up J’s. Good offensive and defensive rebounder, outlets to start the break and fills a lane to finish the break. Good competitive spirit that lifts his teammates.
  1. Silvio De Sousa (#108) 2018 6-8 240 PF Montverde Academy, Montverde, FL
    If he gets position on the low block, it’s over. He will score, get fouled, or the defender will suffer a life threatening injury. Most powerful high school finisher I’ve ever seen. Will drift out to 10 feet to get the ball, then put the ball on the floor to get to the rim where he dunks the ball and the defender, if he is silly enough to still be in the way.
  1. Donnie Tillman (#79) 6-7 220 WF Findlay Prep, Las Vegas, NV
    Donnie quietly played his way into the Top 10 in camp. No yelling or screaming! Just one good solid basketball play after another. Scores inside or outside with equal ability then defends and rebounds effectively. And if you weren’t watching closely, you wouldn’t even know he was on the court. My nickname for him is “The Quiet Storm”!
  1. EJ Montgomery (#66) 2018 6-9 215 WF Montverde Academy, Montverde, FL
    What improvement in less than one week. On cruise control to start camp, EJ and his teammates were brought into the gym for practice the next morning and had the “law” laid down by their coach. For an hour and a half they practiced at “game speed” or they heard about it in no uncertain language. The result: one player traded and the rest of the team buying in!!! EJ led his team to one 20 point win after another until eliminated in OT in the semifinals of the end of the camp on Saturday. Even in defeat, they were proud of what they accomplished. Oh yes, EJ is a very good all around player.
  1. Paul Scruggs (#45) 6-4 190 SG Southport High, Indianapolis, IN
    Another very complete player with deep range, good handle, penetrates with ease, pulls up and scores over the ‘bigs’ or takes it strong to the bucket. Took over the point at times with no drop off in production. Defends with passion, good rebounder at both ends. Enjoys sharing the ball just as much as finishing.
  1. Jaylen Hands (#15) 6-2 170 PG Balboa City School, San Diego, CA
    Best PG in camp. Really runs the show setting up his teammates or keeping the defense honest with his very reliable jump shot. Penetrates at will, gets to the line a lot, excellent free throw shooter. If UCLA loses Lonzo Ball to a ‘one and done’, Jaylen can step right in. My only concern still is lack of body weight to take the pounding the PAC-10 will delivery.
  1. Rechon Black (#57) 2018 6-7 175 PG Concord High, Concord, NC
    Great size and handle. Sees over the defense and is always looking to make the right play. Good fundamental passer who can easily pull up and hit a very accurate jumper in mid range. Smooth with the ball, leads the break in complete control. Verbally committed to UNC and rumored to be a package with Jairus Hamilton and Devon Dotson.

    2017 Brandon Randolph (City of Basketball Love)

    2017 Brandon Randolph
    (City of Basketball Love)

  1. Ethan Thompson (#48) 6-4 175 SG Bishop Montgomery High, Gardena, CA
    Rising Senior who does everything a shooting guard has to do to help his team win (which they did winning the tournament with a blowout victory in the finals). Deep shooter, good free throw shooter, good defensive rebounder and outlet passer, effective in dribble drive situations leading to assists or baskets, fills the lane reliably on the break. Played on a loaded camp team and still stood out.
  1. Brandon Randolph (#44) 6-6 180 SG/WF Westtown School, Westtown, PA
    Until he got hurt in the playoffs, he had emerged as maybe the best SG in camp. Langford and Scruggs might have slightly more physical strength, but Randolph is right there with them from a basketball skill point of view. He can catch and shoot the 3, come off a curl cut in mid range and either hit the J or up fake and take it to the basket. He has excellent shooting form and a perfect release on his jump shot and free throws. Defends aggressively, rebounds misses and fills the lane quickly. He will be great addition to the school lucky enough to get his commitment. I’m a big fan of this kid’s game.
  1. Nick Weatherspoon (#52) 6-3 173 PG Velma Jackson High, Canton, MS
    After a so-so first game, he came on like gangbusters for the rest of camp. He ran the offense to get everyone involved, hit the 3 to keep the defense honest, drove the lane, finished or dished as required and made all his free throws. Being fast and strong with the ball allowed him to run the break very efficiently. Even slid over to SG position when his team needed him there. Coach on the Floor kind of player.
  1. Jairus Hamilton 2018 6-8 215 WF Cannon School, Charlotte, NC
    Invisible first game because of ineffective point guard play, then turned it up big-time to get this high recognition. Easy and accurate range to 3 and in the mid range. Drives baseline with either hand and finishes ferociously. Hit a big 3 to win a game at the buzzer. Great speed and lateral quickness on defense. Runs out on the break  and loves to take it to somebody (anybody) to finish or go to the line. Probably will grow and get stronger, scary how good he will become. Good buddies with Rechon Black.
  1. Ejike Obinna (#70) 6-9 230 PF/C Virginia Academy, Asburn, VA
    Great frame, attitude and hustle. Fights hard for every rebound, loves to ‘Catch and Dunk’. Hands are a little questionable and he needs to improve his footwork, but these will improve as he continues to play better competition. His effort is unquestioned and he is the kind of player every good team needs.
  1. Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree (#84) 6-9 PF Neumann-Goretti High, Philadelphia, PA
    Well-rounded, highly skilled Philly big. Just a solid player in all phases, rebounds on both ends, scores in a variety of ways (tip ins, baby hooks, offensive rebound put backs). Got fouled a lot but did not convert these opportunities. Minor issue due to new environment. Release is fine so not a concern.
  1. Matur Maker (#103) 6-11 209 PF Orangeville Secondary School, Ontario, Canada
    Has gotten stronger since last year’s camp. Still a stat sheet stuffer who plays hard on every play. Great speed on fast breaks. Loves to dunk on you and screams about it! Great defensive rebounder and shot blocker. Good free throw shooter for a big. Now showing a baby/sky hook with either hand. Still needs 20 more lbs of meat on his bones and a better mid range jumper, but he is really moving in the right direction.
  1. Tremont Waters (#50) 5-11 170 PG South Kent  School, New Haven, CT
    Complete point guard! Scores from deep, mid range, or finishes inside with a basket or dish to a big. Very quick on D and in the open court leading the break. He and Jaylen Hands were the best point guard pair in camp. Helped lead his team to the tournament finals. Already down two starters to injury (Randolph and 7-0 C Ike Obiagu) Waters suffered an eye injury and did not return resulting in a blowout defeat. Even though his camp ended on a sour note, he showed he belongs in this elite company.
  1. Nazreon Reid (#87) 2018 6-11 230 PF Roselle Catholic, Asbury Park, NJ
    The world awaits this physically gifted young man. His basketball skills are abundant. I hope he continues to get good coaching and grounded advice from those close to him. I say all of this because I noticed his reactions when things didn’t go his way. He needs to accept the things he has no control over and just continue to improve himself (which he has since I last saw him play in February). There isn’t anything he can’t do on the court….shoot-deep, mid range or in close, rebound, defend, pass, he can do it all.
  1. Ike Obiagu (#95) 7-0 245 C Greenforest Christian, Decatur, GA
    Loved his effort and attitude especially on D. Tries to own the ‘paint’ because he will block or attempt to block everything that comes his way! Limited offensively but helps his team with lots of offensive rebounds that he either dunks or puts in with tips or bank shots. Obviously, he needs to expand his offensive repertoire. He catches and finishes in the post so his hands are good. He just needs better coaching.

    2017 C Nick Richards

    2017 C Nick Richards

  1. Isaiah Washington (#14) 6-1 160 PG St. Raymond High, The Bronx, NY
    Did not attend first day of camp, but quickly took over the PG leadership. In the 5 games witnessed, he dished out tons of assists. His team went from losing by 20 before he arrived to winning 4 straight after his arrival. His style gets the bigs involved first, then he looks to penetrate and finish or find the open teammate. During one game on seven consecutive possessions he had a steal leading to a layup, assisted on two straight baskets, collected another steal, and went coast to coast for a layup, assisted on another basket, scored on a backdoor cut, and finally, led a fast break that he ended up finishing. Only needs to become a better deep shooter.
  1. Mayan Kiir (#86) 6-9 225 PF Edison Academics, Bradenton, FL
    Taking his stats over a full 40 minute game, he would have averaged a double-double in points and rebounds. Possessed a variety of post moves, up fakes, step back jumpers, fadeaway jumpers, baby/sky hooks, pin and spin moves. Effective on both ends of the floor. Needs to improve his free throw percentage.
  1. Alex O’Connell (#41) 6-6 175 SG Milton High, Roswell, GA
    Good scorer from all areas, deep, mid range and on dribble drives. Decent hops means he is a good rebounder and shot blocker. Could be stronger. Needs to add some weight on thin frame. Not the least bit bashful about any shot attempt once he thinks he is open.
  1. Nick Richards (#97) 6-11 238 C The Patrick School, Elizabeth, NJ
    Got off to a strong start and showed lots of new moves. Up and Under Drive, Foul Line J, Pin and Spin with either hand. Good hands, caught everything thrown his way. Looked  like he would compete for the Best Center Position. Then he was the victim of a very hard foul that forced him out with a back injury. Even with his camp over, he still deserves this high evaluation.
  1. Aamir Simms (#46) 6-9 230 PF/C Blue Ridge School, Palmyra, VA
    Another solid big who consistently played very productive basketball. Split playing time with 3 other very good bigs so his stats don’t jump at you. Still a good offensive rebounder, shot blocker, and finisher with good hands. Really stepped it up when one of his big teammates sprained an ankle. Had quietly productive succeeding games all the way through the Playoffs.
  1. Hassahn French (#90) 6-8 230 PF/WF Commonwealth Academy, Springfield, MA
    Strong combo forward who is only a reliable jump shot away from being a top 10 player. When he puts the ball on the floor and drives to the basket, ‘only the strong survive!’ Absolutely fearless inside, willing to bang with anybody. Goes to the line a lot, so an improved shooting  touch/technique would increase his productivity. Good defensive rebounder who outlets well and gets out and fills the lane. Catches and finishes with some monster dunks. Please, work on that Jumper!
  1. Nate Watson (#51) 6-9 252 C/PF Bishop O’Connell, Wash. DC
    Another 6-9 PF who can play. Rebounds well especially on the defensive board. Catches and finishes quickly and with power. Active on the offensive board with good timing on tips and put backs. Can step out and hit the baseline J or dribble drive and make a step back J.
  1. Terrence Lewis (#36) 6-6 180 WF Milwaukee Riverside High, Milwaukee, WI
    Highly skilled and very active wing who does it all. Scores, defends, rebounds, dives for loose balls and handles well enough and fast enough to go coast to coast off defensive rebounds or steals. Likes to dribble drive and shoot pull up jumpers. Only weakness is a lack of 3 pointers.
  1. Chris Lykes (#11) 5-9 PG Gonzaga College High School, Bowie, MD
    Fresh off his Verbal to Miami (FL), he struggled a little during round robin play. Once the playoffs began though, he absolutely took over. 3 pointers he was missing earlier, started going in. He found better angles as he became more comfortable with the high pick and roll set. He became a defensive force with one steal after another. He hit pull up jumpers, step back jumpers and led his teammates to the camp tournament championship 109-89.
  1. Bol Bol (#24) 2018 6-11 213 C Bishop Miege, Rowland Park, KS
    Obviously, he needs to gain weight to be a better rebounder/defender/scorer. Overall though, he has very good skills. Nice mid range jumper, can put the ball on the floor with either hand, nice post footwork, great timing on blocked shoots. Led camp with the most 2 handed pins against the glass. Lost badly in tournament final which means he and the other reserves were not good enough to overcome the loss of 3 injured starters.

    2017 Malik Williams Photo: (Scout.com)

    2017 Malik Williams
    Photo: (Scout.com)

  1. Xavier Tillman (#100) 6-11 250 C Grand Rapids Christian, Grand Rapids, MI
    Strong, wide bodied post who hustles like crazy, getting on the floor for loose balls. Offensive range is limited but he is a very active offensive rebounder who scored on putbacks and tips. Needs to improve his release on his free throw attempts.
  1. Daniel Gafford (#29) 6-11 220 C El Dorado High, DeSoto, TX
    If he puts on 20 pounds of muscle in college, look out. He blocks shots, grabs rebounds, throws good outlet passes, joins the break and finishes with finesse. There isn’t much he can’t do. Likes to pin his man on the low post. Catch it and put a quick move on his man and score at the rim.
  1. Malik Williams (#82) 6-11 212 C Snider High, Fort Wayne, IN
    He and Bourama Sidibe were the best Center tandem in camp. With range out to 3 and the ability to put the ball on the floor, drive and finish Williams is a matchup nightmare. Comfortably steps out to the mid range for wide open jumpers. One of most fundamentally sound Centers who doesn’t need to overpower to be effective.
  1. Luke Garza (#98) 6-11 230 C Maret High School, Washington DC
    Very good scorer with hands, touch and range out to 3. He would be a good Pick and Pop Center, but he never really sets the pick. He always slips the pick looking for his shot. He is an under the rim player who struggles against athletic bigs. That said, he still gets his points. Some evaluators ranked him as the best Center in camp, I have him at #8.
  1. Bourama Sidibe (#76) 6-10 225 St. Benedict’s Prep, Newark, NJ
    He was a prominent member of the best team in camp, whether he was with the first or second unit (subs were made every 5 minutes), he scored, rebounded, and did whatever was necessary for his team. Could use a little more bulk, gets by on quickness and finesse. Good timing on tips and blocked shots, very good defensive rebounder. Had a great final where his team won by over 20. Ran the Pick & Roll, scored on mid range jumpers.
  1. Jordan Usher (#49) 6-7 190 SG Wheeler High, Canton, GA
    Strong, active Wing who loves to get out and run the break. Comfortable range to 3, accurate in the mid range, scores on backdoor cuts. Strong rebounder who can then go coast to coast for powerful dunks. Had 3 very strong playoff games but wasn’t able to overcome injuries to 3 fellow starters in the camp finals. Excellent prospect.
  1. Jalek Felton (#5) 6-3 180 PG/SG Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, VA
    On reputation, he deserves a high ranking. On performance at this event, his play was sub par. He was a PG the first day with a very loose handle and an erratic passer. He did make some high level plays with several nice post feeds to future teammate, Kenneth Nwuba. The second day and his last day at camp, he was a SG who didn’t shoot. He passed on open looks and never really got it going. I’ve seen him get 40-50 points, so I know he is capable of more. I just did not see it at NBPA.
  1. Lavar Batts (#22) 6-2 160 Jay M. Robinson High, Concord, NC
    Very fast, creates lots of opportunities for himself and his teammates. A little out of control sometimes which hurts momentum. Range to 3 with a good pull up mid range game. Finishes strong at the rim. With a little better understanding at the next level of how important each possession is, he can be a very solid high D-1 player.
  1. Devon Dotson (#4) 2018 6-2 170 Providence Day School, Matthews, NC
    Part of that group who really turned it around after a sluggish first day, He helped run the point with Isaiah Washington and had a very solid camp. Some range to 3, but more comfortable driving to dish or finish. Lots of assists and steals. Good friends with Black and Hamilton. May be part of a package for UNC in 2018.
  1. Tyshon Alexander (#16) 6-4 190 SG Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, VA
    Like Felton, he earned this rank on reputation. Practically invisible for the 4 games witnessed with a 4-25 shooting %. He did have one good game in the practice gym (unwitnessed) where he went for good numbers. Big strong shooting guard who seemed to defer to his teammates. I think (hope) he is capable of much more.

    2017 David Beatty

    2017 David Beatty

  1. Khavon Moore (#67) 2018 6-8 180 WF Westside High, Atlanta, GA
    Solid Wing who can slide over and play the “4”. Long arms makes him a good wing and interior defender. Good positional rebounder who outletted  effectively and filled the lane on the break. Showed range to 3. Can also put it on the floor for Dribble Drives and Pull Up J’s or Floaters. Only a rising junior, one to watch!
  1. Makai Ashton-Langford (#18) 6-2 180 PG Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA
    Saw him play 6 times. He was able to get into the lane and create for himself/team. Shot and made lots of two-shot fouls. Tried to finish more than dish. Showed some deep range but was more comfortable putting it on the floor. Also played some SG as his team had 2 other capable PGs. Good rebounder who is fast enough to grab the rebound and take it coast to coast to score. Helped team get to the Tournament semifinals where they lost in overtime.
  1. Alex Barcello (#21) 6-2 170 CG Corona Del Sol High, Chandler, AZ
    What a difference a year makes! His improvements in skills, strength, and confidence were outstanding. His jump shot is now very reliable, ball handling and penetration is strong, court vision is creative as he sees situations and capitalizes. Much quicker and stronger defender who stays in front of his man. Good range out to 3 but regularly got into the lane. He led his team into the Finals of the camp tournament and with Chris Lykes blew out the other team. Great camp for Alex!
  1. David Beatty (#23) 6-4 200 PG St. Benedict’s, Sharon Hill, PA
    Strong point who can also play off the ball. Needs to tighten his handle just a little bit. Fearless going to the rim. Good deep range. Forced things early in camp, then settled down and had a real good camp. Had a great match-up against Paul Scruggs! Fun to watch as they went back and forth on each other. Very fast in transition, finishes well on the break. Led team into tournament semifinals where they lost a tough one in overtime.
  1. Spencer Freedman (#28) 2018 6-2 165 PG Mater Dei High, Irvine, CA
    This lefty point had a very real good camp running the show for his team. Fed the post effectively, especially while Silvio De Sousa was there the first 2 days. Very accurate from deep when he gets his feet set. Pass first point who can take it coast to coast! Good defensive rebounder, nice touch on lob and dunk passes. Only a junior Hope he gets stronger.
  1. Chuma Okeke (#37) 6-8 221 PG Westside High, Atlanta, GA
    One of the top 5 PF’s in camp. Range to 3, excellent rebounder for an undersized ‘4’. Converted all free throw attempts. Nice touch on Mid Range Jumper, even threw a cool ‘Lob and Dunk’. I wish he had more help on his team. After Nick Richards got hurt they had no chance to advance in the Playoffs. Selection committee should have readjusted their roster.
  1. Rayshaun Hammonds (#92) 6-9 215 WF/PF Norcross High, Norcross, GA
    Versatile combo forward who had a very productive camp. Match up problem for other Wings because of his height.Took smaller wings inside and punished them or took bigger guys outside and scored over them. Hit a big time 3 at the buzzer to force overtime in the last game of Round Robin. Strong rebounder who took the ball and went coast to coast all camp. Good up fake and fade away jumper.
  1. DeAndre Bradshaw (#1) 6-7 170 SG Russellville High, Russellville, KY
    Long and smooth shooter, good defender, teams only stopper, used size to post up smaller guards. Too bad his PG’s didn’t recognize this more often. Doesn’t have blazing speed and could use some more weight but that will happen as he gets older.
  1. Savion Flagg (#26) 6-7 200 WF Alvin Senior High, Alvin, TX
    If camp lasted 2 more days, he might have been the best player in Charlottesville. Really came on strong the last 2 days of camp. He was part of that group that got off to a slow start. After heart to heart practice with coach on Thursday morning, things changed for Savion. He showed range to 3 and every other skill you could ask of a WF. With confidence high, he led team into the playoffs. An exciting overtime loss in the semifinals ended his camp, but not the enthusiasm of the evaluators who watched him play. He has unlimited potential. Like a Klay Thompson, under the radar and then busts out!
  1. Balsa Koprivica (#34) 2019 7-1 230 C NSU University School, Plantation, FL
    More strength and experience will make this rising Sophomore a future star. He has all the tools you need, hands, speed, shooting touch, and footwork. Right now he is a good defensive rebounder. He bangs hard on the offensive board but just isn’t strong enough yet. His instincts are good and he has a good basketball IQ for his age. If he grows and gets stronger, look out!

Honorable Mention:

Courtney Ramey (#13) 6-3 PG 2018 Webster Grove High, Webster Grove, MO
This rising Junior Is a year away from being very good.

Remy Martin (#38) 6-0 PG Sierra Canyon High, Burbank, CA
High energy lead guard, good defender. 3 needs to be more dependable.

Jordan McCabe (#39) 6-0 PG 2018 Kaukauna High, Combined Locks, WI
Another year of growth and development will help increase his overall productivity.

Keldon Johnson (#62) 6-4 SG 2018 Park View High, Brodnax, VA
Good shooter with deep range. Needs to be a better rebounder.

Tyler Herro (#47) 6-4 SG 2018 Whitnall High, Greenfield, WI
Big guard with a good handle. Deep range. Just needs to get stronger and more productive.

Michael Hueitt Jr. (#8) 6-3 SG High Point Christian, High Point, NC
Slender shooter needs a little more muscle to defend bigger guards more effectively.

Kolby Lee (#10) 6-10 C Rocky Mountain High, Meridian, Idaho
Huge frame paid dividends down low. Needs to be able to guard quicker bigs who get out and run.

Kevin Samuel (#74) 6-9 C RCHA, Houston, TX
Had some great stretches in camp. Just missed making the Top 50.

Chol Mariel (#93) 7-1 C 2019 Cheshire Academy, Middletown, CT
Only 210 lbs, this rising Soph has a very bright future. As he gets stronger all areas of his game will improve.

Nathan Reuvers (#96) 6-10 C North High, Lakeville, MN
Does everything pretty well just needs to do it a little quicker. We will see a lot of him in the future if he hits the weights.

Evan Battey (#89) 6-8 PF Villa Park High, Brea, CA
Very productive offensively. Needs more defensive intensity. Nice spin move off the bounce.

Tadas Sedekerskis (#75) 6-9 PF Vitoria Gastriz Laboral Kutxa, Lithuania
Got better as camp went as he cut down on his Traveling violations. Great stats in the tournament. Gamer!

Matthew Hurt (#61) 6-8 PF 2019 Rochester John Marshall, Rochester, MN
Big, young rising Soph likes to go outside and hit 3’s. Needs to also hit the offensive boards sometimes.

Justin Smith (#77) 6-7 WF Adlai E. Stevenson High, Buffalo Grove, IL
Good production all camp. Just missed our Top 50.


  1. Charles Bassey 2019 6-10 220
  2. Silvio De Sousa 2018 6-8 250
  3. Ike Obiagu 2017 7-0 245
  4. Nick Richards 2017 6-11 238
  5. Bol Bol 2018 6-11 213
  6. Xavier Tillman 2017 6-9 250
  7. Daniel Gafford 2017 6-10 220
  8. Malik Williams 2017 6-11 212
  9. Luka Garza 2017 6-11 230
  10. Bourama Sidibe 2017 6-10 225
  11. Balsa Koprivica 2019 7-1 230

Honorable Mention

Kolby Lee 2017 6-9 250
Kevin Samuel 2017 6-10 220
Chol Mariel 2019 7-1 210
Nathan Reuvers 2017 6-10 195

Power Forwards

  1. Zion Williamson 2018 6-7 230
  2. Ejike Obinna 2017 6-9 230
  3. Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 2017 6-9 215
  4. Matur Maker 2017 6-9 209
  5. Nazreon Reid 2018 6-10 230
  6. Mayan Kiir 2017 6-9 225
  7. Aamir Simms 2017 6-9 230
  8. Nate Watson 2017 6-9 252
  9. Chuma Okeke 2017 6-8 221
  10. Rayshaun Hammonds 2017 6-8 215

Honorable Mention

Evan Battey 2017 6-7 280
Tadas Sedekerskis 2017 6-7 209
Matthew Hurt 2017 6-8 195 2019

Wing Forwards

  1. Ira Lee 2017 6-8 228
  2. Donnie Tillman 2017 6-7 220
  3. EJ Montgomery 2018 6-10 215
  4. Jairus Hamilton 2018 6-8 215
  5. Hasahn French 2017 6-8 230
  6. Terrence Lewis 2017 6-6 180
  7. Khavon Moore 2018 6-8 180
  8. Savion Flagg 2017 6-7 200

Honorable Mention

Galen Alexander 2017 6-7 220
Louis Franklin Olinde 2016 6-7 183
DeAundrae Ballard 2017 6-6 195
Justin Smith 2017 6-7 210

Shooting Guards

  1. Romeo Langford 2018 6-5 191
  2. Paul Scruggs 2017 6-3 190
  3. Ethan Thompson 2017 6-4 175
  4. Brandon Randolph 2017 6-6 178
  5. Alex O’Connell 2017 6-6 175
  6. Jordan Usher 2017 6-7 190
  7. Jalek Felton 2017 6-3 170
  8. Tyshon Alexander 2017 6-4 190
  9. Makai Ashton-Langford 2017 6-2 185
  10. Alex Barcello 2017 6-2 170
  11. DeAndre Bradshaw 2017 6-7 160

Honorable Mention
Keldon Johnson 2018 6-6 205
Tyler Herro 2018 6-4 180
Michael Hueitt Jr. 2017 6-3 170

Point Guards

  1. Jaylen Hands 2017 6-3 170
  2. Rechon Black 2018 6-7 170
  3. Nick Weatherspoon 2017 6-2 173
  4. Tremont Waters 2017 5-11 170
  5. Isaiah Washington 2017 6-1 160
  6. Chris Lykes 2017 5-8 155
  7. Devon Dotson 2018 6-2 170
  8. Lavar Batts 2017 6-2 170
  9. David Beatty 2017 6-4 200
  10. Spencer Freedman 2018 6-2 165

Honorable Mention
Courtney Ramey 2018 6-3 165
Remy Martin 2017 6-0 170
Jordan McCabe 2018 6-0 175