Basketball University (TX) 2015

2015 Roster:

2017 6′ 2″ G Jarian Spells: Dickinson HS (TX)
2016 6′ 6″ F Tydarius Harris: Pro-Vision Academy (TX)
2016 6′ 5″ G Knox Hellums: Concordia Lutheran HS (TX)
2018 6′ 7″ F Jaedon Ledee: Kinkaid HS (TX)
2016 6′ 7″ F Braden Kopp: Houston Christian HS (TX)
2016 6′ 1″ G DeSean Green: Cypress Falls (TX)
2015 6′ 3″ G Ashtyn Bradley: Hightower HS (TX)
2017 6′ 7″ F Walter Prevost: Nimitz HS (TX)

One Response to Basketball University (TX) 2015

  1. jacob barnes says:

    tydarius harris is a talented kid, he plays hard, scores well, and rebounds excellently>> i reallly like his game! NBA type of kid..


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