Houston, TX



Friday May 8

Houston Hoops (TX) over Nike South Beach (FL) 83-65
Athletes First (OK) over Arkansas Wings (AR) 71-69
Boo Williams (VA) over Mac Irvin Fire (IL) 84-73
Each 1 Teach 1 (FL) over Southern Stampede (GA) 87-59
Playground Elite (WI) over Team Texas Elite (TX) 68-59

King James (OH) over Chicago Meanstreets (IL) 69-47
Elfrid Payton Elite (LA) over All Ohio Red (OH) 76-74
St. Louis Eagles (MO) over Team Penny (TN) 74-66
Team CP3 (NC) over The Family (MI) 68-66
Mokan Elite (KS) over New York Lightning (NY) 73-69

Alabama Challenge (AL) over Team Takeover (DC) 63-59
Team Final (PA) over Jackson Tigers (MS) 62-45
Spiece Indy Heat (IN) over Expressions Elite (MA) 74-63
PSA Cardinals (NY) over Pro Skills (TX) 65-50
Howard Pulley (MN) over The Travelers (KY) 67-52

Georgia Stars (GA) over Playaz Basketball Club (NJ) 87-68
BABC (MA) over Oakland Soldiers (CA) 72-62
Seattle Rotary (WA) over Northwest Xpress (CA) 83-77
CIA Bounce (Can) over Albany City Rocks (NY) 66-61
California Supreme (CA) over Las Vegas Prospects (NV) 87-62


Saturday May 9

Team CP3 (NC) over Mokan Elite (KS) 79-75
The Family (MI) over New York Lightning (NY) 72-71
Team Penny (TN) over Expressions Elite (MA) 68-65
Southern Stampede (GA) over Howard Pulley (MN) 68-67
Pro Skills (TX) over Team Texas Elite (TX) 79-64

Seattle Rotary (WA) over Jackson Tigers (MS) 66-56
King James (OH) over Team Final (PA) 103-97
CIA Bounce (Can) over The Travelers (KY) 68-55
Mac Irvin Fire (IL) over Playground Elite (WI) 78-59
St. Louis Eagles (MO) over Houston Hoops (TX) 92-84

Northwest Xpress (CA) over Chicago Meanstreets (IL) 71-68
Albany City Rocks (NY) over Each 1 Teach 1 (FL) 82-75
PSA Cardinals (NY) over Boo Williams (VA) 64-52
BABC (MA) over Athletes First (OK) 84-73
Arkansas Wings (AR) over Oakland Soldiers (CA) 89-74

Team Takeover (DC) over Georgia Stars (GA) 76-67
Playaz Basketball Club (NJ) over Alabama Challenge (AL) 75-72
All Ohio Red (OH) over California Supreme (CA) 78-72
Las Vegas Prospects (NV) over Nike South Beach (FL) 75-60
Elfrid Payton Elite (LA) over Spiece Indy Heat (IN) 74-65

The Travelers (KY) over Southern Stampede (GA) 84-82
Team CP3 (NC) over Seattle Rotary (WA) 80-70
New York Lightning (NY) over Norhwest Xpress (CA) 65-54
King James (OH) over Jackson Tigers (MS) 83-68
The Family (PA) over The Family (MI) 71-66

Mokan Elite (KS) over Chicago Meanstreets (IL) 64-61
Arkansas Wings (AR) over Team Texas Elite (TX) 74-55
Team Penny (TN) over All Ohio Red (OH) 66-59
BABC (MA) over Playground Elite (WI) 61-53
Athletes First (OK) over PSA Cardinals (NY) 61-58

Boo Williams (VA) over Pro Skills (TX) 73-53
St. Louis Eagles (MO) over Elfrid Payton Elite (LA) 66-55
Mac Irvin Fire (IL) over Oakland Soldiers (CA) 83-70
Las Vegas Prospects (NV) over Houston Hoops (TX) 88-84
Expressions Elite (MA) over Nike South Beach (FL) 78-71

California Supreme (CA) over Spiece Indy Heat (IN) 81-70
Playaz Basketball Club (NJ) over Albany City Rocks (NY) 66-64
Howard Pulley (MN) over Alabama Challenge (AL) 75-71
Each 1 Teach 1 (FL) over Team Takeover (DC) 75-67
Georgia Stars (GA) over CIA Bounce (Can) 80-67


Sunday May 10

Chicago Meanstreets (IL) over The Family (MI) 61-54
PSA Cardinals (NY) over Playground Elite (WI) 66-57
New York Lightning (NY) over Seattle Rotary (WA) 84-75
Jackson Tigers (MS) over Northwest Xpress (CA) 76-57
Team CP3 (NC) over King James (OH) 98-85

Playaz Basketball Club (NJ) over Howard Pulley (MN) 60-56
Mokan Elite (KS) over Team Final (PA) 75-73
Oakland Soldiers (CA) over Athletes First (OK) 69-68
Team Takeover (DC) over CIA Bounce (Can) 69-53
Boo Williams (VA) over Team Texas Elite (TX) 75-59

Team Penny (TN) over Las Vegas Prospects (NV) 70-63
Albany City Rocks (NY) over The Travelers (KY) 72-61
All Ohio Red (OH) over Expressions Elite (MA) 71-69
California Supreme (CA) over Nike South Beach (FL) 80-75
BABC (MA) over Mac Irvin Fire (IL) 63-56

St. Louis Eagles (MO) over Spiece Indy Heat (IN) 70-59
Each 1 Teach 1 (FL) over Alabama Challenge (AL) 96-72
Arkansas Wings (AR) over Pro Skills (TX) 80-73
Georgia Stars (GA) over Southern Stampede (GA) 86-72
Houston Hoops (TX) over Elfrid Payton Elite (LA) 100-72

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