New Orleans, LA 2015



Friday April 10

New Heights (NY) over We R1 (PA) 57-49
Canada Elite (Can) over Team Thad (TN) 74-69
NY Jayhawks (NY) over Team Superstar (CA) 64-54
Team Breakdown (FL) over Supreme Court (CA) 43-42
Earl Watson Elite (CA) over Atlanta Xpress (GA) 65-63
Houston Defenders (TX) over Team Charlotte (NC) 59-58
Illinois Wolves (IL) over Team Felton (NC) 55-42
Philly Pride (PA) over BMore’s Finest (MD) 63-36
Indy Hoosiers (IN) over SportsU (NJ) 68-61
DC Premier (DC) over Louisiana Elite (LA) 48-43
1 Nation (MI) over Mo Williams Academy Elite (TX) 77-68
SYF Players (IN) over Carolina Wolves (SC) 64-44
DC Blue Devils (DC) over KC Run GMC (KS) 59-48
Net Gain Sports (MN) over Juice All-Stars (NY) 73-61


Saturday April 11

Illinois Wolves (IL) over Carolina Wolves (SC) 51-41
BMore’s Finest (MD) over Team Superstar (CA) 43-42
New Heights (NY) over SYF Players (IN) 52-50
WE R1 (PA) over Mo Williams Academy Elite (TX) 63-49
DC Blue Devils (DC) over NY Jayhawks (NY) 54-40
Philly Pride (PA) over KC Run GMC (KS) 40-37
1 Nation (MI) over Team Felton (NC) 59-45
Team Thad (TN) over Louisiana Elite (LA) 78-66
Atlanta Xpress (GA) over SportsU (NJ) 50-40
Team Charlotte (NC) over Indy Hoosiers (IN) 69-53
Team Breakdown (FL) over Canada Elite (Can) 73-68
Supreme Court (CA) over Net Gain Sports (MN) 51-45
DC Premier (DC) over Juice All-Stars (NY) 60-48
Earl Watson Elite (CA) over Houston Defenders (TX) 67-54
WE R1 (PA) over Carolina Wolves (SC) 64-58
New Heights (NY) over Mo Williams Academy Elite (TX) 49-45
KC Run GMC (KS) over Team Superstar (CA) 53-41
BMore’s Finest (MD) over NY Jayhawks (NY) 66-58
Atlanta Xpress (GA) over Indy Hoosiers (IN) 56-53
Illinois Wolves (IL) over 1 Nation (MI) 56-51
Net Gain Sports (MN) over Louisiana Elite (LA) 55-48
SYF Players (IN) over Team Felton (SC) 67-62
Canada Elite (Can) over Supreme Court (CA) 42-40
Philly Pride (PA) over DC Blue Devils (DC) 59-39
Team Thad (TN) over DC Premier (DC) 69-64
Team Charlotte (NC) over Earl Watson Elite (CA) 57-37
SportsU (NJ) over Houston Defenders (TX) 62-58
Team Breakdown (FL) over Juice All-Stars (NY) 62-41


Sunday April 12

WE R1 (PA) over 1 Nation (MI) 73-63
New Heights (NY) over NY Jayhawks (NY) 52-50
Net Gain Sports (MN) over DC Premier (DC) 39-38
Team Thad (TN) over Team Breakdown (FL) 71-61
Supreme Court (CA) over Indy Hoosiers (IN) 58-50
SYF Players (IN) over Illinois Wolves (IL) 57-56
DC Blue Devils (DC) over Carolina Wolves (SC) 66-56
Philly Pride (PA) over Team Superstar (CA) 57-49
Team Charlotte (NC) over Juice All-Stars (NY) 64-58
Mo Williams Academy Elite (CA) over Team Felton (NC) 67-55
Earl Watson Elite (CA) over SportsU (NJ) 43-41
Canada Elite (Can) over Louisiana Elite (LA) 48-44
Atlanta Xpress (GA) over Houston Defenders (TX) 69-67
KC Run GMC (KS) over BMore’s Finest (MD) 57-53

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