1978 McDonald’s


Dwight Anderson: (USC)
Micah Blunt: (Tulane)
Tony Guy: (Kansas)
Rick Harmon: (Syracuse)
Reggie Jackson: (Maryland)
Scooter McCray: (Louisville)
Darryl Mitchell: (Minnesota)
Guy Morgan: (Wake Forest)
Cornelius Thompson: (Connecticut)
Clarence Tillman: (Kentucky)
Landon Turner: (Indiana)

Mark Aguirre: (DePaul)
Devin Durrant: (BYU)
Jerry Eaves: (Louisville)
Bob Gonzales: (Buffalo State)
Greg Goorgjian: (Loyola Marymount)
Dan Larson: (Utah)
Leonel Marquetti: (USC)
Tyren Naulis: (UCLA)
Vince Taylor: (Duke)
Chuck Verderber: (Kentucky)
Rudy Woods: (Texas A&M)


Rudy Woods

Game Result:

West over East 94-86

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