1979 McDonald’s


Quintin Dalley: (San Fransisco)
Terry Fair: (Georgia)
Sidney Green: (UNLV)
Derrick Hord: (Kentucky)
Sidney Lowe: (North Carolina State)
Dirk Minniefield: (Kentucky)
Horace Owens: (Rhode Island)
Derek Whittenburg: (North Carolina State)
Ralph Sampson: (Virginia)
Dominique Wilkins: (Georgia)
James Worthy: (North Carolina)

Tim Andree: (North Carolina)
Antoine Carr: (Wichita State)
Darren Daye: (UCLA)
Teddy Grubbs: (DePaul)
Raymond McCoy: (DePaul)
John Paxson: (Notre Dame)
Mike Pitts:
Ricky Ross: (Tulsa)
Byron Scott: (Arizona State)
Steve Stipanovich: (Missouri)
Isiah Thomas: (Indiana)


Darren Daye

Game Result:

East over West 106-105

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