1982 McDonald’s


Benoit Benjamin: (Creighton)
Dell Curry: (Virginia Tech)
Brad Daugherty: (North Carolina)
Johnny Dawkins: (Duke)
Curtis Hunter: (North Carolina)
Buck Johnson: (Alabama)
Tim Kempton: (Notre Dame)
Ernie Myers: (North Carolina State)
Harold Pressley: (Villanova)
Richard Rellford: (Michigan)
Billy Thompson: (Louisville)

Kerry Boagni: (Cal State Fullerton)
Willie Cutts: (Arkansas State)
Bruce Douglas: (Illinois)
Donald Harty: (Georgia)
Montel Hatcher: (UCLA)
Eldridge Hudson: (UNLV)
Brad Lohaus: (Iowa)
Kerry Trotter: (Marquette)
Kenny Walker: (Kentucky)
Efrem Winters: (Illinois)
Steve Woodside: (Oregon State)


Efrem Winters

Game Result:

West over East 103-84

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