1984 McDonald’s


Derrick Lewis: (Maryland)
Duane Ferrell: (Georgia Tech)
Chris Washburn: (North Carolina State)
Michael Brown: (Clemson)
David Rivers: (Notre Dame)
Shelton Jones: (St. John’s)
Richard Madison: (Kentucky)
Charles Smith: (Pittsburgh)
John Thompson: (VCU)
Kevin Walls: (Louisville)
Edward Davender: (Kentucky)
Derrick Chievous: (Missouri)

Danny Manning: (Kansas)
Al Lorenzen: (Iowa)
John Williams: (LSU)
Troy Lewis: (Purdue)
Delray Brooks: (Providence)
Craig Jackson: (UCLA)
Roger McClendon: (Cincinnati)
Matt Beeuwsaert: (California)
Gary Grant: (Michigan)
Chris Sandle: (Texas-El Paso)
Andrew Lang: (Arkansas)
Craig McMillan: (Arizona)


John Williams

Game Result:

West over East 131-106

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