1987 McDonald’s


Brian Shorter: (Pittsburgh)
Eric Manuel: (Kentucky)
Bobby Martin: (Pittsburgh)
Mark Macon: (Temple)
King Rice: (North Carolina)
Perry Carter: (Ohio State)
Anthony Tucker: (Wake Forest)
John Crotty: (Virginia)
Rodney Monroe: (North Carolina State)
Dennis Scott: (Georgia Tech)
Elmore Spencer: (UNLV)
Greg Koubek: (Duke)

Sean Higgins: (Michigan)
Larry Johnson: (UNLV)
Brian Williams: (Arizona)
Chris Corchiani: (North Carolina State)
Jerome Harmon: (Louisville)
Elliott Perry: (Memphis)
Jay Edwards: (Indiana)
Marcus Liberty: (Illinois)
Treg Lee: (Ohio State)
Bill Heppner: (DePaul)
LeBradford Smith: (Louisville)
Mike Maddox: (Kansas)
David White: (Florida)


Mark Macon

Game Result:

East over West 118-110

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