1988 McDonald’s


Malik Sealy: (St. John’s)
Crawford Palmer: (Dartmouth)
Alonzo Mourning: (Georgetown)
Litterial Green: (Georgia)
Billy Owens: (Syracuse)
Milton Bell: (Richmond)
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf: (LSU)
Jerrod Mustaf: (Maryland)
Donald Hodge: (Temple)
Christian Laettner: (Duke)
Anthony Peeler: (Missouri)
Robert Werdann: (St. John’s)

Shawn Kemp: (Trinity Valley Community College)
Chris Mills: (Arizona)
Stanley Roberts: (LSU)
Todd Day: (Arkansas)
Darrick Martin: (UCLA)
Lee Mayberry: (Arkansas)
Don MacLean: (UCLA)
Stacy Poole: (Florida)
Matt Steigenga: (Michigan State)
Laphonso Ellis: (Notre Dame)
Eric Anderson: (Indiana)
Ray Thompson: (Iowa)


Alonzo Mourning & Billy Owens

Game Result:

East over West 105-99

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