1989 McDonald’s


Doug Edwards: (Florida State)
Arron Bain: (Villanova)
Conrad McRae: (Syracuse)
Shaun Golden: (Georgia)
Jim Jackson: (Ohio State)
Bill McCaffrey: (Duke)
Bobby Hurley: (Duke)
Michael Tate: (James Madison)
George Lynch: (North Carolina)
Jamal Faulkner: (Alabama)
Darryl Barnes: (Georgia Tech)
Anthony Douglas: (Memphis)

Deryl Cunningham: (Kansas State)
Deon Thomas: (Illinois)
Shaquille O’Neal: (LSU)
Mitchell Butler: (UCLA)
James Robinson: (Alabama)
Greg Graham: (Indiana)
Allan Houston: (Tennessee)
Pat Graham: (Indiana)
Tracy Murray: (UCLA)
Jeff Webster: (Oklahoma)
Calvin Byrd: (UCLA)
Matt Wenstrom: (North Carolina)


Shaquille O’Neal & Bobby Hurley

Game Result:

West over East 112-103

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