1994 McDonald’s


Daniel Fortson: (Cincinnati)
Adonal Foyle: (Colgate)
LaMarr Greer: (Florida State)
Zendon Hamilton: (St. John’s)
Chris Herren: (Fresno State)
Felipe Lopez: (St. John’s)
Corey Louis: (Florida State)
Norman Nolan: (Virginia)
Kareem Reid: (Arkansas)
Curtis Staples: (Virginia)
Steve Wojciechowski: (Duke)

Jelani Gardner: (California)
Omm’A Givens: (UCLA)
Raef LaFrentz: (Kansas)
Trajan Langdon: (Duke)
Willie Mitchell: (Michigan)
Andrae Patterson: (Indiana)
Ricky Price: (Duke)
Neil Reed: (Indiana)
Antoine Walker: (Kentucky)
Jerod Ward: (Michigan)
Lorenzen Wright: (Memphis)


Felipe Lopez

Game Result:

East over West 112-110

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