2000 McDonald’s


Eddie Griffin: (Seton Hall)
Gerald Wallace: (Alabama)
Mario Austin: (Mississippi State)
Omar Cook: (St. John’s)
Scooter Sherrill: (North Carolina State)
Andre Barrett: (Seton Hall)
Taliek Brown: (Connecticut)
Scott Hazelton: (Rhode Island)
Rolando Howell: (USC)
Darius Rice: (Miami)
Neil Fingleton: (North Carolina)
Jerome Harper: (Iowa State)

Darius Miles: (Professional)
Jared Jeffries: (Indiana)
Zach Randolph: (Michigan State)
Chris Duhon: (Duke)
Marcus Taylor: (Michigan State)
DeShawn Stevenson: (Professional)
Brian Boddicker: (Texas)
Luke Ridnour: (Oregon)
Alton Ford: (Houston)
Andre Brown: (DePaul)
Travon Bryant: (Missouri)
Garner Meads: (BYU)


Zach Randolph

Game Result:

West over East 146-120

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