2015 NBPA Top 100 Camp

Written By: Mike Galu

The 2015 NBPA Top 100 Camp was held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Players from the classes 2016, 2017 and 2018 were grouped into 10 teams. Rosters were balanced as much as possible by the selection committee. Each team played twice a day- usually once in the morning and once in the evening. After 6 session running Wed.-Fri., the teams were seeded by W-L record for a Single Elimination Championship.

Listed below are the evaluations of the top players by position based 5-6 observations of each team.

Top Players Regardless of Position: (All players are 2016, except when noted)

  1. Edrice Adebayo Camp #104 6-10 230 C Plymouth, NC (Northside H.S.) – worked harder, played better and had more fun than any player in camp. Has gotten taller and stronger (scary) since last year and is now a dominant force on the court. Spectacular finishes above the rim. Fastest big (maybe even faster than the guards) who easily fills the lane on fast breaks. Great teammate who sets a wonderful example with his attitude of playing so hard on every play. Good mid-range jumper who can up fake and put the ball on floor and finish ferociously. Great hands helps him rebound, catch any pass thrown his way and secure any loose ball he pursues.
  2. Miles Bridges (#67) 6-7 WF Flint, MI (Huntington Prep, WV). Clearly the best wing forward in camp. This 6-7, 210 lb. lefty can shoot from deep, drive, and pull up or finish strong at the rim (with people bouncing off of him). He competed hard on both ends. Defended, rebounded, started the break, filled the lane and finished strongly. What more can you ask for? Next case!!
  3. Omari Spellman (#101) PF 6-8 250 North Royalton, OH (Springfield McDuffie, MA) Complete skill set. Catches and finishes, pins and spins with either hand, good rebounder on both ends. Good form on free throws and jump shot. Range to 3. Drives baseline with either hand. Advanced footwork in the post. Emphatic dunker! Good outlet passer.
  4. Udoka Azubuike (#105) C 6-11 280 Jacksonville, FL (Potter’s House) Big rugged rim bender (and proud of it!) Enormous strength with the ball. Finishes!! Wants to dunk on everyone. Clears space to finish. Can put the ball on the floor. Good free throw shooter. Shooting range is a question, but does he need it?
  5. Frank Jackson (#76) 2G 6-3 200 Highland, Utah (Lowe Peak) Always finds a way to score. Can hit the 3 regularly, dribble drive and pull up from mid-range or finish strong at the rim. Shooter!! Good rebounder for his size. Gets into the lane and dishes or finishes. High free throw percentage.
  6. Michael Porter Jr (#66) 2017 SF 6-9 200 Columbia, MO (Father Totlon) Best junior in camp. Plays calmly! Always in control. Complete skill set. Great court vision. Hedges well to help his teammates. Does lots of things to help his team that don’t show on the stat sheet. Dunks, shoots, drives and dishes or finishes, rebounds. Selfless passer to create space. With added strength, the sky is the limit. Never rattles!
  7. Billy Preston (#38) 2017 SF 6-9 220 DeSoto, TX, (Dallas API Very active wing who does it all. Absolute stat sheet stuffer. Consistent defensive rebounder, fills lane, catches and finishes dribble drives effectively. Can pull up and hit the jumper or finish above the rim with appropriate choices of dunks or lay-ins. Range to 3 but more comfortable in mid-range. Goes to the line a lot.
  8. Carsen Edwards (#32) PG 6-1 170 Houston , TX (Atascoctia HS) Strong, fast and effective point. Has all the tools you want in a lead guard. Shoots from 3, drives and dishes or finishes strongly. Unselfish passer, lots of assists, gets into the lane at will. Uses backboard on finishes. Defends strongly, very quick laterally. Tremendous dribbling speed.
  9. Bryce Aiken (#10) PG 5-11 155 Jersey City, NJ (St. Patrick School) Quick on quick guard with a great handle. Gets into the lane easily and either finishes or (more frequently finds an open teammate under the basket or kicks it out to 3 point shooters. His “Bigs” loved playing with him and would run the floor to catch his passes. Very good deep 3 shooter. Keeps the “D” honest. Pesky defender who keeps his man in front of him.
  10. Temple Gibbs (#69) 6-4 185 Scotch Plains, NJ (Seton Hall Prep) Very effective shooting guard who put up good numbers in a variety of ways….3 balls, mid-range, dribble-drives, pull-ups, floaters – you name it – he scored that way. Fills the lane on the break and the ball always came his way. Hit clutch jumper to win in overtime! Tough Jersey kid who gets every loose ball!
  11. Tony Bradley (#98) C/PF 6-10 230 Bartow, FL (Bartow High) Good big with a versatile game. Good hands, rebounds and put backs, keeps ball high, catches and finishes efficiently. Good outlet passer to start “the break.” Also, a good interior passer who can catch and flick pass to open teammates. Range to 3. Can be a center, power forward or a stretch 4. Defends the lane and has good timing to block shots.
  12. Thon Maker (#94) C/PF 7-1 2017 Orangeville, Ontario, Canada (Orangeville Secondary) Center size with small forward game. Tremendous upside. Hope he realizes that he has to play inside until his perimeter game improves. Very fast. Outstanding length and effort. Fills stat sheet mostly positively. Great lob and dunker! With improved post footwork, he will be unstoppable. Wants to dunk everything and does at this stage. With a skyhook – look out!
  13. DeAndre Ayton (#92) 2017 PF 7-0 245 San Diego, CA (Balboa City) Consistently effective raising junior on both ends of the floor. Plays within himself to score short jumpers, effective on the pick and roll. Only big to take a legitimate charge-impressive! Good shot blocker. Needs to develop better post footwork to become elite at next level. Unlimited potential.
  14. Trevon Duval (#28) 2017 2G 6-3 185 Wilmington, DE (St. Benedict’s, NJ) Willing passer who feeds bigs very effectively. Contributes in all phases. Range out to 3, good defender. Fills lane, breaks and finishes with strength. Fearless going to the basket. Can catch it and dunk on you. Very good free throw shooter who gets to the line a lot. Nice fade away jumper of pull-up dribble drive.
  15. Mohamed Bamba (#86) 2017 PF 6-10 215 New York, NY (Westtown School, PA) Excellent prospect who needs to add bulk on his frame to bang more effectively with the big boys. Complete skill set with text book release on his jumps and free throws. Long arms allow him to block shots and rebound outside of area. Better rebounder on defensive board. Good timing on tips and “lobs and dunks,” good speed allows him to fill lane on break.
  16. DeRiante Jenkins (#19) 2G 6-6 190 Eutawville, SC (West Oaks Academy) Good-sized 2G with range to 3. Prefers mid-range where he hits jumper or gets fouled. Very good free throw shooter. Puts it on the floor very well. Euro step to finish fast break. Fits well with dribble drive offense.
  17. Trae Young (#8) 2017 PG 6-2 170 Norman, OK (North) Complete skill set for rising junior. Tried to do too much early in camp thus had too many turnovers. When he learns he doesn’t have to make the spectacular play all the time, his game will rise to elite levels. Great range to 3 and speed and handle to get into the lane. Strong with the ball. Defends well.
  18. Dewan Huell (#87) PF 6-10 215 Miami, FL (Norland) Very productive power forward. Nose for the ball on missed shots on offense and defensive boards. ALWAYS seems to get the ball. Had more shots than any other “Big” in camp. Excellent at finding open space, catching the pass and finishing with short jumper or lay-in or dunk. Good shot blocker. Sees the floor well for a big man.
  19. Jethro Tshisumpa (#96) C 6-10 250 Catches and dunks or finishes well. Needs to “sit down” in the post to pin his man more effectively. Once he develops a “go to” move, this huge big can’t help but get even better.
  20. JJ Caldwell (#24) PG 6-2 180 Houston, TX (SATCH) Home schooled, split time with two other point guards. He made good use of his playing time, lots of contributions (steals, tipped or deflected passes, assists). Good pass-first PG with a nice dribble drive game.
  21. Payton Pritchard (#22) PG 6-2 185 West Linn, OR (High) Heady Point Guard with good speed and vision. Forces things early (too many turnovers), then settled down. Excellent range out to 3. Loves to drive and dish, but can finish effectively. Very good free throw shooter.
  22. Hamidou Diallo (#33) 2017 2G 6-4 175 Queens, NY (Woodstock Academy) High flying athlete who is going to get better with more strength, experience and better free throw shooting. Could win a slam dunk contest someday. Loves the dribble drive.
  23. Curtis Jones (#16) 2G 6-4 170 Richmond, VA (Huntington Prep, WV) Once again, a guard who was forcing things early, but settled down and had a good camp. Spectacular catch and finish. One of the best 3 pt. shooters in camp. Excellent free throw shooter. While he can kill it from deep, very capable of putting it on the floor for pull up jumpers or penetration and finish.
  24. DJ Harvey (#65) 2017 SF 6-6 208 Bowie, MD (DeMatha Catholic) Top 5 wing in camp. Nice feel for feeding post from the wing. Can also throw accurate “lob and dunk” passes. Catches and finishes effectively in the mid-range. Puts ball on floor with either hand and draws lots of fouls.
  25. Derek Funderburk (#83) PF 6-9 215 Bedford Heights, OH (St. Edward) Has really improved in one year. He now appears to be on the verge of becoming something special. Very active big. Runs floor like a gazelle. Good hands allow him to catch and finish anything near the basket. Needs to improve jump shot range.
  26. Eron Gordon (#38) 2G 6-3 185 Indianapolis, IN (North central) Strong 2Gwho plays very hard with good results. Never had a bad game the entire camp. Always seemed to be shooting 2 shot fouls. Range to 3 but prefers dribble drive – hence – lots of “and 1” or “2 shot fouls.” Strong with the ball. Defends diligently.
  27. Bruce Brown (#72) 2G/SF 6-4 200 Saxton River, VT (Vermont Academy) Very effective 2G/SF who also played the point in the quarter finals. Likes the dribble drive, but can go inside to “catch and finish” down low. A matchup nightmare for opponents (coached by “best NBA assistant,” Ben Hansborough). Can’t say enough about his contributions. Range to 3, but is most effective when he puts the ball on the floor.
  28. Schneider Herard (#97) C 6-11 255 McKinney, TX (Prestonwood) This big Texan made his impressions with extra effort. He banged the boards hard for the 6 games witnessed. Never had a bad game. Likes the “pin and spin” move in the low post. Also has an “up and under” move. Good rebounder especially on the defensive board. Made all of his free throws in the quarter-final game. Showed a good “power dribble” in the post.
  29. EJ Montgomery (#63) 2018 SF 6-9 305 Orlando, FL (Montverde Academy) What potential!! Can post you up and dunk on your head! Can beat you off the dribble from the wing and dunk on a help defender’s head. And he has range out beyond 3! Wow! And is another rising sophomore. Can move inside and be a very effective “4” man. Good offensive rebounder. Obviously needs to get stronger.
  30. Markelle Fultz (#75) SF 6-5 190 Upper Marlboro, MD (DeMatha Catholic) Best all-around shooter in camp from everywhere! Gets out on the break and finishes. Hungry to score….sometimes at the expense of his defense. Love the variety of his offensive game – 3’s, pull-ups, floaters, fast break lay-ups. Very quick trigger on his jumper. Scores even with a hand in his face.
  31. Shamorie Ponds (#9) PG 6-0 160 Brooklyn, NY (Thomas Jefferson) Shoots lots of 2-shot fouls. Doesn’t make enough – at least not at this camp. But, he is good enough to get to the line. Deep range! Can blow by you with ease and hit the floater or dish to open teammates.
  32. Chris Lewis (#45) PF 6-8 240 Alpharetta, GA (Milton) Made this list on GRIT alone. Strong athlete who defends and rebounds very well. Knows his limitations on Offense. Stays close to the basket. Scored on offensive rebound put backs and baby hooks. Or he would dunk on your noggin. Good interior passer who unselfishly let better shooters finish for his team. Every good team needs a guy like him. Teamed with Adabayo to form an impenetrable frontcourt.
  33. Brandon McCoy (#78) 2017 PF 7-0 235 San Diego, CA (Moore) Rising Junior with huge potential. Catches and finishes as well as anybody in camp. Look out when he gets stronger with age. Complete array of offensive moves…Jump hooks, Jumpers out to the top of the key, catch and finish on either side of the rim, step back J on the Baseline. Good hands and timing. Will be an even better shot blocker with age. Hedges and helps on “D” better than any other big in camp.
  34. Gorjan Gak (#46) C 6-11 215 Bradenton, FL (Victory Rock) This thin but very good center is a defensive rebounding horse. He doesn’t look for his “O”. A “Glue Guy” who got better as camp went on. Another Ben Hansborough guy who just did what his team needed . Stepped up big time when one of his teammates sprained an ankle. Waited 5 games before he finally showed what a capable offensive player he can be when his team needed him to be. Needs weight and strength.
  35. Sacha Killeya-Jones (#36) PF 6-11 220 Lynchburg, VA (Episcopal) Needs to take some “Consistency Pills” because when he is good, he can be very good. 20 lbs. of muscle will help! Good defensive rebounder. Likes Fadeaway Jumper from the low block. I would prefer he catch and finish stronger so he can get to the line more. Good player who will get better with strength and added bulk.
  36. Javin DeLaurier (#85) PF 6-9 210 Shipman, VA (St Anne’s Bellfield) Very good defensive rebounder who is a solid contributor on “O”. Can catch and finish with a variety of moves. Has good post footwork. Gets out and fills the lane. A Double-Double machine. Hit Mid-range Jumper to win in Sudden Death Overtime. Solid teammate who seems to get the most out of his team.

A few more who deserve mention in no particular order:

  • Anthony Cowan (#7) PG 6-0 170 Bowie, MD (St. Johns College)
    Took the PG spot for his team. Gets to the line a lot. Good Free Throw shooter.
  • Xavier Simpson (#25) PG 6-0 170 Lima, OH (Central Catholic)
    Good Combo guard-3’s, assists, penetration-Solid.
  • Devearl Ramsey (#0) PG 5-11 185 Los Angeles, CA (Sierra Canyon)
    Quick, strong, steady floor leader. Plays hard on “D” and gets lots of steals.
  • Jaylen Hands (#42) 2017 PG 6-2 175 Santa Ana, CA (Mater Dei)
    Solid Contributor, defends, scores-runs the show! Protects the ball, just needs to get stronger.
  • Kyle Guy (#27) Combo 6-3 170 Indianapolis, IN (Lawrence Central)
    Ty Jerome (#44) Combo 6-4 190 Bronxville, NY (Iona Prep)
    These two are both committed to UVA with Guy being the better shooter and Jerome being the better distributor.
  • Abdulhakim Ado (#100) C 6-11 220 McDonough, GA (Hamilton Heights, TN)
    Excellent defensive rebounder. Offense needs work. Didn’t get a lot of touches.
  • Zach Collins (#109) C 6-11 234 Las Vegas, NV (Bishop Gorman)
    Tough kid, wants to be good! Needs consistency. Had some real good stretches.
  • Nick Rakocevic (#103) C 6-11 220 Burr Ridge, IL (St. Joseph’s)
    Pick and pop with good deep range. Has trouble when he has to put the ball on the floor.
  • Matur Maker (#90) 2017 PF/SF 6-10 200 Orangeville, ON (Orangeville Secondary)
    Does lots of good things with his length on both ends. Needs strength, a better handle and a more consistent jump shot.
  • Deshawn Corprew (#47) SF 6-5 190 Winston-Salem, NC (Quality Education)
    Had a strong consistent camp. Just missed making to top group.
  • Mario Kegler (#61) SF 6-8 210 Jackson, MS (Arlington C. Day, FL)
    Can score from anywhere. Very strong.
  • Mark Vital (#37) SF 6-6 205 Lancaster, TX (Dallas API)
    Strong player who plays hard. A little out of control sometimes. Fearless going to the rim.


(All Players are 2016 Unless Noted)

Point Guards
1. Carsen Edwards 6′ 1″ 175 lbs
2. Bryce Aiken 5′ 11″ 155 lbs
3. Trae Young 6′ 2″ 170 lbs
4. JJ Caldwell 6′ 2″ 180 lbs
5. Payton Pritchard 6′ 2″ 185 lbs
6. Matt Coleman 6′ 1″ 170 lbs 2017
7. Shamorie Ponds 6′ 0″ 170 lbs

Shooting Guards
1. Frank Jackson 6′ 3″ 200 lbs
2. Temple Gibbs 6′ 3″ 185 lbs
3. Trevon Duval 6′ 3″ 185 lbs 2017
4. DeRiante Jenkins 6′ 6″ 180 lbs
5. Hamidou Diallo 6′ 4″ 185 lbs 2017
6. Curtis Jones 6′ 4″ 170 lbs
7. Eron Gordon 6′ 3″ 185 lbs

Small Forwards
1. Miles Bridges 6′ 7″ 210 lbs
2. Michael Porter Jr 6′ 8″ 190 lbs 2017
3. Billy Preston 6′ 9″ 220 lbs 2017
4. DJ Harvey 6′ 6″ 208 lbs 2017
5. EJ Montgomery 6′ 9″ 2015 lbs 2018
6. Markelle Fultz 6′ 5″ 190 lbs
7. Bruce Brown 6′ 5″ 180 lbs

Power Forwards
1. Omari Spellman 6′ 8″ 250 lbs
2. DeAndre Ayton 7′ 0″ 240 lbs 2017
3. Thon Maker 7′ 1″ 220 lbs
4. Mohamed Bamba 6′ 10″ 220 lbs 2017
5. Dewan Huell 6′ 10″ 215 lbs
6. Derek Funderburk 6′ 9″ 215 lbs
7. Chris Lewis 6′ 9″ 240 lbs
8. Brandon McCoy 7′ 0″ 240 lbs 2017
9. Sacha Killeya-Jones 6′ 11″ 220 lbs
10. Javin DeLaurier 6′ 9″ 210 lbs

1. Edrice Adebayo 6′ 10″ 230 lbs
2. Udoka Azubuike 6′ 11″ 280 lbs
3. Tony Bradley 6′ 10″ 230 lbs
4. Jethro Tshisumpa 6′ 10″ 250 lbs
5. Schneider Herard 6′ 11″ 255 lbs
6. Gorjan Gak 6′ 11″ 215 lbs

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