7 Years of Dick’s Nationals/NHSI

Former Champions:

2014: Montverde Academy (FL)

2013: Montverde Academy (FL)

2012: Findlay Prep (NV)

2011: Montrose Christian (MD)

2010: Findlay Prep (NV)

2009: Findlay Prep (NV)


Championship Game Results:

2014: 1 Montverde Academy (FL) over 6 Oak Hill Academy (VA) 71-62

2013: 2 Montverde Academy (FL) over 4 St. Benedict’s Prep (NJ) 67-65

2012: 1 Findlay Prep (NV) over 3 Montverde Academy (FL) 86-83

2011: 1 Montrose Christian (MD) over 2 Oak Hill Academy (VA) 71-64 2OT

2010: 2 Findlay Prep (NV) over 1 Montverde Academy (FL) 59-46

2009: 2 Findlay Prep (NV) over 1 Oak Hill Academy (VA) 74-66


Notable Alumni:

2009: Avery Bradley, Terrance Ross, Lamar Patterson, Lamont Jones, Mouphtauo Yarou

2010: Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, Doron Lamb, Roscoe Smith, Marshall Plumlee

2011: Austin Rivers, Quinn Cook, Myck Kabongo, Nick Johnson, Ty Johnson

2012: Anthony Bennett, Brandon Ashley, Justin Anderson, Winston Shepard, Michael Frazier

2013: Tyler Ennis, Kasey Hill, Dakari Johnson, Nate Britt, Devin Williams, Nigel Williams-Goss

2014: D’Angelo Russell, Kelly Oubre, Josh Perkins, Rashad Vaughn, Prince Ali, Shaqquan Aaron


Tournament History: (includes this year)

*Findlay Prep (NV): 7 appearances, 11-3 overall, 3 championships

*Oak Hill Academy (VA): 6 appearances, 6-5 overall

*Montverde Academy (FL): 5 appearances, 10-2 overall, 2 championships

Montrose Christian (MD): 5 appearances, 5-4 overall, 1 championship

*Blanche Ely (FL): 3 appearances, 0-2 overall

La Lumiere (IN): 3 appearances, 0-3 overall

St. Benedict’s Prep (NJ): 3 appearances, 4-3 overall

*Huntington Prep (WV): 2 appearances, 1-1 overall

Winter Park (FL): 2 appearances, 1-2 overall

Mountain State (WV): 2 appearances, 1-2 overall

Prime Prep (TX): 1 appearance, 1-1 overall

Dwyer (FL): 1 appearance, 1-1 overall

Boys & Girls (NY): 1 appearance, 1-1 overall

*Wheeler (GA): first appearance

*Greensboro Day (NC): first appearance

*Wings Academy (NY): first appearance

(*indicates team currently in field)

1 appearance with 0-1 record:

Rainier Beach (WA)

Northside Christian Academy (NC)

Sagemont (FL)

St. Frances (MD)

Friends Central (PA)

Pinewood Prep (SC)

Christ School (NC)

Charlotte Christian (NC)

John Carroll (MD)

United Faith (NC)

Coolidge (DC)

Ravenscroft (NC)


Links to past year’s:







10 Days of Dick’s Nationals

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