2015 Bass Pro TOC

First Round Games:

Paul VI (VA) over Parkview (MO) 65-34
Oak Hill Academy (VA) over Chino Hills (CA) 86-77
Bishop O’Dowd (CA) over Waynesville (MO) 58-42
Wesleyan Christian (NC) over Bentonville (AR) 63-55

Semifinal Games:

Oak Hill Academy (VA) over Paul VI (VA) 86-59
Wesleyan Christian (NC) over Bishop O’Dowd (CA) 59-49

Championship Game:

Oak Hill Academy (VA) over Wesleyan Christian (NC) 82-59

3rd Place Game:

Bishop O’Dowd (CA) over Paul VI (VA) 65-64

5th Place Semifinal Games:

Chino Hills (CA) over Parkview (MO) 61-45
Bentonville (AR) over Waynesville (MO) 47-28

5th Place Game:

Chino Hills (CA) over Bentonville (AR) 86-73

7th Place Game:

Waynesville (MO) over Springfield (MO) 49-25


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