City of Palms

The City of Palms may be the most prestigious holiday tournament in the nation. The event takes place every year the week leading up to Christmas in Fort Myers Florida.

2015 Preview

City of Palms Champions:

2014 Wheeler (GA)

2013 Montverde Academy (FL)

2012 Montverde Academy (FL)

2011 Prestonwood Christian (TX)

2010 St. Patrick (NJ)

2009 Paterson Catholic (NJ)

2008 Mater Dei (CA)

2007  St. Benedict’s (NJ)

2006 Mater Dei (CA)

2005 Brentonwood Academy (TN)

2004 Niagara Falls (NY)

2003 Westchester (CA)

2002 Rice (NY)

2001 Westchester (CA)

2000 Westchester (CA)

1999 Ballard (KY)

1998 Scott County (KY)

1997 Parkview Baptist (LA)

1996 Lexington Catholic (KY) Classic 1

1996 Miami Senior (FL) Classic 2

1995 Dominguez (CA)

1994 St. Augustine (LA)

1993 Crenshaw (CA)

1992 Dunbar (DC)

1991 Miami Senior (FL)

1990 Gibbs (FL)

1989 Flint Hill (VA)

1988 Carol City (FL)

1987 Jackson (FL)

1986 Forrest (FL)

1985 Fort Myers (FL)

1984 Cypress Lake (FL)

1983 Cypress Lake (FL)

1982 Fort Myers (FL)

1981 Cypress Lake (FL)

1980 Cypress Lake (FL)

1979 Cypress Lake (FL)

1978 Okeechobee (FL)

1977 Pompano Beach High (FL)

1976 Pompano Beach High (FL)

1975 Glades Central (FL)

1974 Fort Myers (FL)

1973 Immokalee (FL)

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