2002 City of Palms

Play-In Game:

Mater Dei (CA) over Corbin (KY) 87-62

First Round Games:

John Bartram (PA) over Fort Myers (FL) 61-49
St. Raymond’s (NY) over Andrew Jackson (FL) 92-86
St. Andrew’s (RI) over Pahokee (FL) 63-58
Mater Dei (CA) over Acres Lehigh (FL) 87-38
Ouachita  (FL) over Northwestern (FL) 75-50
Rice (NY) over Woodham (FL) 81-48
Creekside (GA) over Dunbar (DC) 75-52

Quarterfinal Games:

St. Raymond’s (NY) over John Bartram (PA) 71-66
St. Patrick (NJ) over St. Andrew’s (RI) 78-63
Mater Dei (CA) over Ouachita (FL) 71-60
Rice (NY) over Creekside (GA) 66-49

Semifinal Games:

St. Patrick (NJ) over St. Raymond’s (NY) 70-67
Rice (NY) over Mater Dei (CA) 88-76

Championship Game:

Rice (NY) over St. Patrick (NJ) 64-51

Third Place Game:

Mater Dei (CA) over St. Raymond’s (NY) 97-76

All Tournament Team:

MVP: Russell Robinson
Shagari Alleyne
Jason Cain
Derrick Character
Jamon Gordon
Jay Jackson
Robinson Louisme
Louis McCroskey
Michael Nardi
Harrison Schaen
Wesley Washington

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