2016 Tarkanian

UCLA-commit LiAngelo Ball continues the family legacy, dropping 56 points and 72 points in consecutive nights. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

UCLA-commit LiAngelo Ball leads the Most Entertaining team in high school basketball into a tough Tarkanian Classic field that features Bishop O’Dowd, Bishop Gorman, and Mater Dei. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

Platinum Division

Round of 16:

Roosevelt (CA) vs Valor Christian (CO) 66-55
Crossroads (CA) over Cathedral Catholic (CA) 42-29
#22 Bishop O’Dowd (CA) over Putnam City West (OK) 62-57
#6 Chino Hills (CA) over Clark (NV) 91-87
Salesian (CA) over Bingham (UT) 36-32
#11 Mater Dei (CA) over Desert Pines (NV) 84-61
Bishop Gorman (NV) over Denver East (CO) 76-40
Westchester (CA) over Windermere Prep (FL) 65-43


Roosevelt (CA) over Crossroads (CA) 64-51
#6 Chino Hills (CA) over #22 Bishop O’Dowd (CA) 87-77
#11 Mater Dei (CA) over Salesian (CA) 58-46
Bishop Gorman (NV) over Westchester (CA) 96-53


#6 Chino Hills (CA) over Roosevelt (CA) 76-68
Bishop Gorman (NV) over #11 Mater Dei (CA) 86-79

Championship Game:

#6 Chino Hills (CA) over #11 Mater Dei (CA) 84-73

3rd Place Game:

Bishop Gorman (NV) over Roosevelt (CA) 66-64

Consolation Contest Results:

Clark (NV) over Putnam City West (OK) 53-44
Valor Christian (CO) over Cathedral Catholic (CA) 74-57
Bingham (UT) over Desert Pines (NV) 73-52
Denver East (CO) over Windermere Prep (FL) 72-67
Valor Christian (CO) over Clark (NV) 71-63
Bingham (UT) over Denver East (CO) 50-37
Putnam City West (OK) vs Cathedral Cathoilc (CA) 54-46
Crossroads (CA) over #21 Bishop O’Dowd (CA) 45-34
Windermere (FL) over Desert Pines (NV) 69-57
Westchester (CA) over Salesian 50-48
Salesian (CA) over Bishop O’Dowd (CA) 57-55
Westchester (CA) over Crossroads (CA) 46-40
Desert Pines (NV) over Cathedral Catholic (CA) 83-67
Bingham (UT) over Valor Christian (CO) 69-54
Clark (NV) over Denver East (CO) 73-70
Windermere Prep (FL) over Putnam City West (OK) 71-68