2014 Tarkanian

Platinum Bracket

Round of 16:

Redondo Union (CA) over Constitution (PA) 72-64
Chino Hills (CA) over Foothills Christian (CA) 84-73
West Linn (OR) over Lone Peak (UT) 64-49
Corona Centennial (CA) over Clark (NV) 76-50
Bishop Gorman (NV) over Winward (CA) 74-57
Overland (CO) over Bountiful (UT) 63-53
Putnam City West (OK) over Long Beach Poly (CA) 63-54
Prestonwood Christian (TX) over Maranatha (CA) 56-53

Quarterfinal Games:

Redondo Union (CA) over Chino Hills (CA) 82-74
Corona Centennial (CA) over West Linn (OR) 65-52
Bishop Gorman (NV) over Overland (CO) 72-59
Putnam City West (OK) over Prestonwood Christian (TX) 80-60

Semifinal Games:

Redondo Union (CA) over Corona Centennial (CA) 55-54
Putnam City West (OK) over Bishop Gorman (NV) 54-52

Championship Game:

Redondo Union (CA) over Putnam City West (OK) 66-51

3rd Place Game:

Bishop Gorman (NV) over Corona Centennial (CA) 71-51

Premier Division

Semifinal Games:

Bingham (UT) over Lee (AL) 67-63
Logan (UT) over Las Vegas (NV) 56-55

Championship Game:

Bingham (UT) over Logan (UT) 61-54

3rd Place Game:

Lee (AL) over Las Vegas (NV) 66-51

Select Division


Gray Academy (SC) over Summit Academy (UT) 79-66
Desert Vista (AZ) over Rock Canyon (CO) 84-60

Championship Game:

Desert Vista (AZ) over Gray Academy (SC) 73-47

3rd Place Game:

Rock Canyon (CO) over Summit Academy (UT) 68-54

Top Prep Matchups:

Prime Prep (TX) over Planet Athlete (AZ) 62-52
Prime Prep (TX) over Future Prep (CA) 41-36
Prime Prep (TX) over 22 Feet Academy (SC) 52-42
Prime Prep (TX) over CI Gibson (Bahamas) 85-40
Findlay Prep (NV) over Wasatch Academy (UT) 80-52
Findlay Prep (NV) over National Prep (GA) 79-51
Prolific Prep (CA) over Oklahoma City Storm (OK) 64-54
Prolific Prep (CA) over Faith Baptist Academy North (GA) 80-73
Prolific Prep (CA) over Victory Prep (TX) 71-59
Victory Prep (TX) over Diego Prep (CA) 75-56
Victory Prep (TX) over 22 Feet Academy (SC) 74-61
Future Prep (CA) over Victory Prep (TX) 69-42

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